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Resolve, Rest, Refrain Installation View


a group exhibit with work by artists Angela Caldwell, Heather S. Nuber, and Jenny Stopher

Jenny Stopher, Heather Nuber, and Angela Caldwell met at the University of Indiana where each were pursuing their individual artistic goals. It was when they installed their thesis exhibits together (somewhat by luck of the draw) they realized how their work, seen together, had an impact larger than each individually.  They worked together past their thesis shows to further dialogues concerning women’s roles and the influence past roles have had on the women of today.  This work resulted in their collective show resolve/rest/refrain which exhibited in Bloomington, Indiana in April 2019. 


All three artists’ work use traditional feminine craft to further conversations of the work women do while investigating contemporary roles of women and the influences surrounding them.  Stopher’s fiber works explore relationships of those hard working women who came before her. She conjures their strength to face adversity and their unique skills and collaborates with them by absenteeism.  Caldwell creates objects of adornment that reflect and honor female makers from her past. Each piece speaks to the skills her female elders passed down to her through a modern lens. While Nuber’s installations explore the influence women had in her life and how the dismantling and reframing of their traditional ideals into her queer context have helped her build her own dreams. 


Jenny Stopher                                                                       (click on photos for full image)

Angela Caldwell                                                                    (click on photos for full image)

Heather Nuber                                                                          (click on photos for full image)

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