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I am me.

I am emotional.

Sometimes I feel fragile and vulnerable. 

Sometimes I am strong and tenacious.

I fold. I pleat. I bunch. I bind. I stitch. I loop. I tie. I knot. And I repeat.

I make work to find order in the chaos and beauty in the broken.

Artist Statement

Jenny Stopher is an artist and educator and her love of textiles and travel have led her on journeys around the world. She loves learning about other cultures and their connections to textiles.  Whether handmade, hand embellished, hand repaired, or upcycled materials the process of stitching brings her joy.  Stopher’s love of textiles is rooted in family tradition and the handmade. She grew up on stories of her grandmother spinning wool to provide clothing for her family during Nazi occupied Netherlands, the spin of the wheel lulling her father to sleep.   Stopher views these skills as endeavors of accomplished women who use these practical yet creative ways to provide for their families. 


Her artwork can be found in public and private collections and has been exhibited nationally in university, public and private galleries.

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