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Meditative Stitch Journaling

As artists use pencil and paper for sketch journaling, fiber artists use stitch to make marks on fabric as a fundamental creative practice. Students in this Stitch Journal class will learn about the mental health benefits of the creative practice of stitch meditation. This journal provides a space to practice slow stitching for the purpose of contemplation and meditation as well as the general practice of stitch. This three-part workshop covers:

  • how to set up and begin a stitch mediation practice

  • strategies of a successful practice

  • tips to remove all the “stops” so you can keep your mediation practice going

  • basic stitches including: running stitch, radial stitch, loop stitch, reef knots, and French knots as a means of responsive textural mark-making

  • how to use everyday encounters with texture and pattern as prompts for stitch journaling and fiber art pieces

  • how to use visible mending techniques for mediation including patching, reverse patching, boro stitching, machine darning and more.

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